UK Negotiating Documents – Update 1

The second round of negotiations takes place week commencing 17 July 2017.

Position papers outlining how the UK will negotiate on important issues related to Brexit have been published, ahead of the meetings, and will be presented to the EU team next week.

David announced the release of these documents and said

These position papers mark the fair and transparent way that the UK is approaching Brexit negotiations ahead of the second round of talks next week — and demonstrate how deciding the shape of our future partnership with the EU is inextricably linked with our withdrawal talks.

While we’re leaving the EU we are not leaving Europe, and we want to continue cooperating with our friends and neighbours on issues of mutual importance including nuclear safeguards.

By ending the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union, UK courts will be supreme once more. Our sensible approach to pending cases means there would be a smooth and orderly transition to when the court no longer has jurisdiction in the UK.

The papers are dated 13 July 2017 and include:

Ongoing Union Judicial and Administrative Proceedings

The United Kingdom (UK) is leaving the European Union, and our ambition is to secure a smooth and orderly exit. It will be important to have a clear position on the status of both any UK legal cases before the European Court of Justice (CJEU), and any administrative procedures before the Union institutions, offices and agencies that on exit day have not yet concluded. This is in order to minimise uncertainty and disruption for individuals and businesses.

Nuclear materials and safeguards issues

In notifying the intent to leave the European Union, the United Kingdom (UK) also notified of the intent to leave the Euratom Community. While the UK is leaving Euratom we want to continue working closely with the Euratom Community to help ensure a smooth and orderly exit and to pave the way for a future relationship that benefits the UK and the remaining 27 Member States.

Privileges and Immunities

Whilst the United Kingdom (UK) is leaving the European Union (EU), our ambition is to form a deep and special partnership. It will be important to have in place a legally acceptable framework of Privileges and Immunities that allows for the smooth conduct of relations between the UK and the EU