Tory Party Leader Election – Round 3

Voting in the third round of elections for a new leader of the Tory party has completed (19 June 2019).

In this round the contender with the least number of votes is eliminated.

Results were as follows:

1. Boris Johnson 143 (126) (114)

2. Jeremy Hunt 54 (46) (43)

3. Michael Gove 51 (41) (37)

4. Sajid Javid 38 (33) (23)


5. Rory Stewart 27 (37) (19)

Further ballots are scheduled to take place on 20 June to reduce the number of candidates until two are left. In each of these rounds the candidate with the fewest number of votes is eliminated

The final two will be put to a vote of the Conservative Party membership from 22 June, with the result expected four weeks later.