Terms of Reference for the Article 50 TEU negotiations

The following Terms of Reference have been agreed following the first day of talks between the UK and EU.


The negotiating rounds will consist of plenary sessions and negotiating group meetings.

The following initial negotiating groups have been established:

  • Citizens’ rights
  • Financial Settlement
  • Other Separation issues

In addition, a dialogue on Ireland / Northern Ireland has been launched under the authority of the Coordinators.

Future meetings, between the negotiating teams will be held once every 4 weeks unless otherwise decided by mutual consent. Negotiators may meet intersessionally to prepare negotiations, as required, and the following dates have been agreed

  • Opening: 19th June
  • Second round: w/c 17th July
  • Third round: w/c 28th August
  • Fourth round: w/c 18th September
  • Fifth round: w/c 9th October