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The UK and the WTO – Article by Dr Liam Fox

“When we speak for ourselves, we flourish – and our status in the WTO is no exception” is an article for the Telegraph newspaper written by Dr Liam Fox, which was also published on the Government’s website on the 2nd November 2018. https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/when-we-speak-for-ourselves-we-flourish-and-our-status-in-the-wto-is-no-exception The article attempts to clarify misconceptions on WTO negotiations and goods schedules. […]

Joint letter from the EU and the UK to the WTO

On the 11 October, the EU and UK published a joint letter sent from the EU and the UK Permanent Representatives to the WTO. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-and-eu-set-out-proposals-to-wto-members-for-trade-post-brexit In preparation for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, the UK government and the European Commission have set out a number of proposals for future global trading arrangements. The […]


Various interesting and/or useful links. Negotiating documents on Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom https://ec.europa.eu/commission/brexit-negotiations/negotiating-documents-article-50-negotiations-united-kingdom_en IndexMundi IndexMundi contains detailed country statistics, charts, and maps compiled from multiple sources. You can explore and analyze thousands of indicators organized by region, country, topic, industry sector, and type. http://www.indexmundi.com Examining the UK’s relationship with the EU Following […]


The creation of a single European economic area based on a Common Market was a fundamental objective of the Treaty of Rome. Today, the EU is the largest economy in the world. It is the worlds biggest exporter of manufactured goods and has the worlds largest single market area of more than 500 million consumers. […]