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PM to request Parliament be prorogued

The Prime Minister intends to request the current session of Parliament be prorogued from the evening of Tuesday 8 October, with a Queen’s Speech on Monday 14 October. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/pms-intention-to-request-the-current-session-of-parliament-be-prorogued Presumably this adheres to the conditions on prorogation as defined recently in the Supreme Court. The Prime Minister has been consistently clear that he wants to […]

R (Gina Miller) v The Prime Minister

An application for a judicial review of the decision to prorogue Parliament was made by Gina Miller and heard at the High Court in London on 6 September 2019. The judgement was published on 11 September 2019. R (Gina Miller) v The Prime Minister [2019] EWHC 2381 https://www.judiciary.uk/judgments/press-statement-gina-miller-v-the-prime-minister-others/ The court concluded that the claim, that […]

Parliament is Suspended

Parliament has been prorogued, meaning that Parliament has been suspended, for 5 weeks until the 14 October. The formal process took place during the early hours of Tuesday 10 September 2019 amid visible protests from MPs and the Speaker (who is shortly due to retire from his position). A number of MPs protesting against the […]