After Brexit Future Relationship

Framework for the UK-EU partnership Civil judicial cooperation

The UK Government has published a framework document that explains the UK Government’s vision for the UK-EU partnership Civil judicial cooperation.

International civil judicial cooperation rules deliver legal certainty and protect the rights of citizens and businesses. The EU is party to a range of international agreements in this area, and the EU and its Member States, including the UK, have developed that cooperation further.

The UK and EU have each said they want an ambitious future partnership incorporating a close economic relationship and recognising the ties between our citizens. It is in the interests of UK and EU families, consumers and businesses to agree a framework for civil judicial cooperation reflecting the unique nature of that partnership, supporting not only trade but mobility.

The UK wants to build on existing precedents between the EU and third countries for close cooperation in civil judicial matters in establishing this framework. The EU has already signalled that it is willing to consider such deeper cooperation with the UK in family law.

A new, bespoke agreement across the full range of civil judicial cooperation should form part of wider UK-EU discussions on the framework for our future relationship.

Brexit Negotiations EU

EU Framework for Future Relationship with the UK

The EU have published a series of documents as part of the internal EU27 preparatory discussions on the framework for the future relationship between the UK and the EU after Brexit.

The documents are in the form of slides used for presentational and information purposes used durin working group meetings in the EU.

The available documents include:

Level Playing Field

Slides on Police & Judicial Cooperation in criminal matters

Slides on Security, Defence and Foreign Policy

Slides on Governance

Slides on Fisheries

Slides on Aviation

Brexit Negotiations Legal Policy Paper

UK Policy Paper – cross-border civil judicial cooperation

This paper outlines the United Kingdom’s position on cross-border civil judicial cooperation in the future partnership with the EU after Brexit.

The UK Government will seek a deep and special partnership with the EU after Brexit. Within this partnership, cross-border commerce, trade and family relationships will continue. Building on years of cooperation across borders,
it is vital for UK and EU consumers, citizens, families and businesses, that there are coherent common rules to govern interactions between legal systems.

To this end, the UK, as a non-member state outside the direct jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), will seek to agree new close and comprehensive arrangements for civil judicial cooperation with the EU.

Details of the UK’s negotiating position is fully outlined in the document available at:

Providing a crossborder civil judicial cooperation framework (pdf)