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The UK left the European Union at 11:00 pm GMT on 31 January 2020. The UK has now entered a Transition Period with the European Union during which the UK will no longer be a member of the European Union but will continue to be subject to European Union rules and remain a member of […]

Exiting the EU: Publications, 28 November 2018

The Government has released a collection of documents published to support understanding and assessment of the agreement reached with the EU. (28 November 2018) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/exiting-the-european-union-publications The Department for Exiting the EU has published the following documents to support public and parliamentary assessment of the deal. Taking back control of our borders, money, and laws while […]

PM’s letter to the nation – 24 November 2018

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has written a letter to the nation about her Brexit deal (24/11/2010) as she goes to Brussels prior to getting formal agreement on the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the Future Relationship with the EU27 Leaders. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/pm-letter-to-the-nation-24-november-2018 PM Letter to the nation (pdf) When I became your Prime Minister […]

PM Mansion House Speech 2 March 2018

Today, 2 March 2018, at the Mansion House in London, Prime Minister Theresa May made a speech on the future economic partnership between the UK and the EU. https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-speech-on-our-future-economic-partnership-with-the-european-union (Transcript of the speech, exactly as it was delivered) I am grateful to the Lord Mayor and all his team at the Mansion House for hosting […]