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Principal EU-US trade disputes

An interesting paper which outlines trade disputes between the EU and the US The prospect of transatlantic free trade talks has brought the EU-US trade relationship, the largest bilateral trading relationship in the world, into the spotlight. Trade disputes account for a small fraction of the total volume of this trade, around 2% according to […]

UK Beef Embargo

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is a disease that affects adult cattle and is commonly known as mad-cow Disease. BSE attacks the brain and central nervous system of the animal and eventually causes death. It was first reported in cattle in the UK in 1986, but could have existed for longer without being detected. One theory […]

The Beef Hormone dispute

Cattle are given growth hormones in order to promote faster growth. In order to protect consumer health and safety, the EU has banned imports of hormone treated meat and only allows restricted imports of meat that is certified as produced without the use of hormones. This has caused a dispute with the US, known as […]