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UK Government in Brexit meltdown ?

Is the UK Government in a Brexit meltdown? Following the meeting of the full cabinet at Chequers, which came up with an “agreed” plan for the future relationship between the UK and EU following Brexit. It appears, however, that perhaps everyone is not actually in agreement with initial skirmishes from Brexit supporting MPs considering it […]

David Davis Resignation

48 hours following the meeting of the cabinet at Chequers, David Davis resigns as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union saying that he was no longer the best person to deliver the PM’s Brexit plan as he did not “believe” in it. Here’s the resignation letter from David Davis and the response from […]

David Davis’ speech on the future security partnership June 6 2018

David Davis speech on the future security partnership between the UK and the EU at the Royal United Services Institute library in London. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/david-davis-speech-on-the-future-security-partnership Thank you Deputy Director General for that kind introduction. As you alluded to it’s a pleasure to be speaking here, in this grand library in the Royal United Services Institute. This […]