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PM accepts extension offered by EU

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has written a letter to EU President Donald Tusk accepting an extension to the period allowed under Article 50(3) to January 31 2020. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/prime-ministers-letter-to-president-donald-tusk-28-october-2019 Transcript: The Prime Minister 28 October 2019 Dear Donald I refer to the draft European Council Decision EUCO XT 20024/1/19 REV 1, which extends to 31 January […]

PM to Donald Tusk 19/10/19

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson wrote another letter to Donald Tusk in addition to the one demanded by Parliament requesting an extension. In this letter, he distances himself from the letter requesting an extension, outlining his and the Government’s position as follows: “While it is open to the European Council to accede to the request […]

Letter sent from the UK to the EU

Following the debate and vote in the House of Commons on 19 October, it was necessary for the Prime Minister to send a letter, dictated by Parliament in the recent “Surrender Act” (European Union (Withdrawal) (No.2) Act 2019) fast-tracked through Parliament, to the EU requesting an extension, under Article 50, until 31 January 2020. There […]

Technical update to the Withdrawal Agreement 12 April 2019

An exchange of letters between the EU Commission and the UK setting out and confirming technical updates to the Withdrawal Agreement reflecting the extension of Article 50. (…and you thought that the EU was not going to change the Withdrawal Agreement !!) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/technical-update-to-the-withdrawal-agreement Also included is an updated copy of the Withdrawal Agreement reflecting these […]