Strange Day in Parliament 27 March 2019

More shenanigans in the UK Parliament today (27 March 2019) where the business of the house has been disrupted to satisfy an earlier motion that allows MPs to discuss and vote on a number of their own options in respect of Brexit. This is intended to discover if there is any common ground amongst MPs on how to handle Brexit having already wasted 727 days since they supported the invocation of Article 50 (by 494 votes to 122) to leave the EU. Today, the Government takes a back seat.

The Order of Business for today is contained in the document at

Debate will commence with discussion of the Business of the House motion created by Oliver Letwin and others. It is allowed to be debated up until 15:00 when it will be put to a vote. It includes a further attempt to wrest control of the business of the house on Monday 1st April (April Fools day).

A number of amendments have been suggested for this motion and the Speaker will select which of these are accepted for debate/vote. All the details are available in the Order Paper.

The document also includes a list of suggestions by MPs on how to proceed given that we are a couple of days away from the original date for leaving and slightly over 2 weeks from an agreed extension date. I’ve included a list of these (16) options here and the full details of each are outlined in the attached Order Paper (pdf) .

Motions/(Indicative Votes)

  • (A) Constitutional and accountable government
  • (B) No deal
  • (C) Unilateral right of exit from backstop
  • (D) Common market 2.0
  • (E) Respect the referendum result
  • (F) Participation in a customs union
  • (G) Revocation instead of no deal
  • (H) EFTA and EEA
  • (I) Consent of devolved institutions
  • (J) Customs union
  • (K) Labour’s alternative plan
  • (L) Revocation to avoid no deal
  • (M) Confirmatory public vote
  • (N) Malthouse compromise plan A
  • (O) Contingent preferential arrangements
  • (P) Contingent reciprocal arrangements

Voting on motions selected by the Speaker will take place in accordance with the Business of the House motion, if it is agreed to.

Update: items marked in RED are those selected by the Speaker