No, No, No, No

MPs failed to reach any consensus on how they wanted to proceed with Brexit following the results of the “indicative” votes with none of the options reaching a majority (again).

4 of the suggested motions were selected by the Speaker for debate and the results of the voting was as follows:

(C) Customs Union – Ayes 273 Noes 276

(D) Common Market 2.0 – Ayes 261 Noes 282

(E) Confirmatory public vote – Ayes 280 Noes 292

(G) Parliamentary Supremacy – Ayes 191 Noes 292

Interesting commments:

Ian Blackford (SNP)

…It is crystal clear to us from Scotland that our votes in this House are disrespected…

(Hmm, and 17.4 million voters … )

Vince Cable (LD)

On a point of order, Mr Speaker. It is even clearer than it was the last time we had indicative votes that one compromise option has substantial support. There is the largest number of votes in the House for a people’s vote—larger than last time. Is it not possible to combine the two and therefore find a way forward through consensus?

(Strange logic in the House of Commons when there are even more votes that say NO to this idea. One could also argue that the PM Withdrawal Deal had more votes (286) than any of the indicative votes )