MPs back at Work (at last)

MPs are once again sitting in the House of Commons today, 3 September 2019, after enjoying their summer holidays.

Remember, the current schedule is … to leave on 31 October 2019 with No Deal being the default option … unless MPs can force a Bill through Parliament to prevent leaving the EU without a deal … the EU deal has already been rejected 3 times.

In summary…

…it’s interesting to note that of the 157 days since Brexit Day (29 March 2019) they have been on holiday from 11-23 April, 2-7 May, 23 May – 4 June and 25 July – 3 September and yet it is only in the past week or so they have decided they don’t have enough time to debate Brexit.

Parliament is still broken, of course and doesn’t seem as though it will be fixed any time soon.

The Withdrawal Agreement created by the EU has already been rejected 3 times and John Bercow refuses to allow it to be presented to MPs and voted on again, unless there are (unspecified) significant changes to the Bill.

MP’s underwent a number of “indicative” votes to determine if there was anything they actually agreed on. The only thing that seemed to be agreed is that they couldn’t agree on anything.

The vast majority of MPs have always rejected the results of the EU Referendum and want to Remain in the EU claiming to represent the views of their constituents. This is in spite of the fact that voting results often shows their constituents voted to Leave.

Consider the MP for Bracknell (Phillip Lee) who has recently resigned from the Conservative Party and joined the Liberal Democrats. Results in the EU Referendum show 53.9% of voters in his constituency voted to Leave with 46.1% voting to Remain. Also, in June this year, he lost a vote of no confidence in him by his local Conservative association. After his betrayal of the party he was elected for and those people who voted for him he should take the democratic option – to resign as an MP and put himself forward as a candidate for a by-election in his constituency.

With Labour holding out for a General Election, the Lib Dems thinking they rule the world and insisting on “No Brexit”, The Tories completely split between the Remain supporting and Leave supporting factions where is the support for the 17,410,742 people who voted to Leave?

So back to work and not much has changed except …

… that the new PM, Boris Johnson has opted to prorogue Parliament from the week beginning the 9 September.

Opponents of Brexit again try to use the courts to prevent the Government operating.

Boris threatens to call a General Election.

Mps again try to take control of Parliament and Government business away from the Government.

etc. etc. etc.