Framework for the UK-EU Security Partnership

The UK Government published a presentation on a framework for the future UK-EU Security partnership which will be used in discussions with the EU.

It focuses on an element of the vision of the future relationship and will set out terms, which will be converted into legally binding agreements after the UK leaves the EU.

The security partnership should be a core chapter of the UK-EU Future Framework.

It should:

  • provide for close cooperaCon reflecCng the trust and transparency between the UK and EU
  • agree a high level of mutual ambition
  • respect the autonomy of the Union and the sovereignty of the UK
  • be adaptable and scalable

To best enable the UK and EU act together, our partnership should be anchored by a combination of politcal and legal agreements.

These should all provide for:

  • structured UK-EU consultation
  • regular dialogue on thematic and geographic priorities
  • extensive exchange of experts and information