Framework for the UK-EU partnership Data protection

The Government published a document that focuses on the UK’s proposals for the free flow of personal data between the UK and the EU after Brexit which will be used in discussions with the EU.

The UK is committed to a deep and special relationship with EU partners, in Europe and globally, to promote the free flow of data, underpinned by high data protection standards.

We seek a new agreement on data protection, that builds on a standard adequacy decision. Such a pragmatic approach would reflect our close shared interests and unique relationship, to the benefit of both the EU and UK.

A legally-binding agreement would:

  • provide strong privacy protecFons for UK and EU citizens whose data flows between the UK and EU
  • underpin our continued partnership, notably on economic issues and security
  • provide greater certainty for consumers, businesses, law enforcement and other public authorities
  • improve joined-up regulatory enforcement of data protection standards