European Union (Future Relationship) Bill

This Bill is being fast-tracked through Parliament and is due to receive Royal Assent, if approved by MPs and the House of Lords, on 30 December 2020.

(updates: 31 December 2020)

The European Union (Future Relationship) Bill implements the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), Agreement on Nuclear Cooperation and Agreement on Security Procedures for Exchanging and Protecting Classified Information (‘the Agreements’), as agreed between the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU).

It also enables the implementation of arrangements and agreements that are either foreseen in the Agreements, or which are agreed by the UK and EU to be ‘supplementary’ to the TCA where these do not engage Section 20 of the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010; these are, together with the Agreements, the future relationship agreements. The Bill is required to implement the Agreements for them to have domestic legal effect and to enable the UK Government to ratify the Agreements.

The Bill provides for the application of the Agreements in domestic law where relevant. The Bill also creates powers to make secondary legislation, where appropriate, to enable the Agreements to be implemented domestically or for domestic law to be interpreted in light of the Agreement. These measures provide for the implementation of the Agreements agreed between the UK and the EU.

The Bill also makes a small number of additional provisions relating to the UK’s relationship with the EU.

The Second Reading of the Bill went to a division with the result: 523 in Favour (Ayes) and 73 Against (Noes)

The DUP (8), Green Party (1), Liberal Democrats (11), Scottish National Party (44) and Plaid Cymru (3) voted against the 2nd reading

The Committee stage was completed without debate and proceeded to a division on the Third Reading which passed with 521 in Favour (Ayes) and 73 Against (Noes)

Here’s the different stages:

The Bill was completed in the House of Commons by 2:55 pm and passed for consideration by the House of Lords.

The Bill passed all stages in The House of Lords by 11:34 pm without amendment and by 12:30 am (Thursday) was given Royal Assent thus completing the process.


European Union (Future Relationship) Bill (as Introduced)

Explanatory Notes

House of Lords Debate (Hansard)

House of Lords Debate (Hansard)