EU State of the Union Speech 2017

Every year in September, the President of the European Commission delivers his State of the Union Address to the European Parliament, taking stock of achievements of the past year and presenting priorities for the year ahead. Jean-Claude Junker presented his State of the Union Speech for 2107 on the 13 September.

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He mentioned the recent trade agreement between the EU and Canada, talked about a new economic partnership with Japan and looked to do the same with Mexico and South American countries. He also proposed opening trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand.

He wants the EU to continue in leading the fight against Climate Change and promised to continue to address the issue regarding refugees.

In terms of the direction for the EU he outlined his roadmap for the future

On 30 March 2019, we will be a Union of 27. I suggest that we prepare for this moment well, amongst the 27 and within the EU institutions.

My hope is that on 30 March 2019, Europeans will wake up to a Union where we all stand by our values. Where all Member States firmly respect the rule of law.

Where we have shored up the foundations of our Economic and Monetary Union so that we can defend our single currency in good times and bad, without having to call on external help.

Where a single President leads the work of the Commission and the European Council, having been elected after a democratic Europe-wide election campaign.

Other major points include:

  • All EU states should join the euro and the European Commission is ready to help them make the transition.
  • EU citizens should have the same working rights wherever they are, so the EU will set up a common labour market agency to regulate conditions.
  • EU should have a functioning defence union by 2025
  • There should be a single President, rather than in the current system with leaders representing the member states, the Commission and the Parliament.
  • The EU budget should be commensurate with its ambition and should not face cuts.
  • Europe will move on, Brexit is not the end and the EU should use the opportunity to restate its mission

Following the State of the Union 2017 speech, a number of Factsheets have been produced by the EU Commission and are available from the EU at :

The following Factsheets are available:

The State of the Union 2017 brochure is available at (pdf)