EU Parliament – Brexit, No Progress

I found it interesting to note that the EU Parliament had already prepared a Draft Motion for a Resolution, to wind up the debate on the state of play of negotiations with the United Kingdom, even before the 4th round of negotiations had actually finished and mentioned in a press release dated 28-09-2017 12:12

The draft resolution claims that: Progresss on EU priorities in the first four rounds of talks with the UK has not been sufficient. (pdf)

The motion is due to be debated on Tuesday 3 October, with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Chief Negotiator on Brexit Michel Barnier. The resolution as voted will set out Parliament’s input to the 20 October European Council summit in Brussels, when government leaders will assess progress in the Brexit negotiations.

Although any withdrawal agreement will need to win the approval of the European Parliament this motion could be stated as only an “opinion” by the Parliament as, of course, the UK is negotiating with Michel Barnier, not the EU Parliament.

Update 03 October 2017:

As might have been expected, the resolution was passed by 557 votes to 92 (and 29 abstentions) following a debate on Tuesday 3 October and MEPs recommended that

The government leaders of the EU 27 member states should postpone their assessment of Brexit on 20 October as “sufficient progress” has not been made on three key aims unless the fifth round of talks on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU delivers a major breakthrough.