EU Fake News – How can you tell ?

Recently came across a propaganda machine for the EU in the UK called the “European Commission in the UK” espousing virtues of the EU.

EU Representation in the United Kingdom

Our role is to:

Be a source of EU-related information for you, for your business, media, educational institutions and for the public authorities.

Explain how EU policies will affect you in the United Kingdom.

Speak for the European Commission as its voice in the UK, providing background briefings for the media as well as on-the-record comment on relevant issues.

Inform the European Commission in Brussels on political, economic and social developments in the UK.

Noticed an interesting/amusing section called EUROMYTHS

which attempts to debunk what it calls “fake news” stories in the UK Press about the EU.

But where is the actual truth ?

Picking one of the stories at random (OK – not quite random)

From a news story in the Times from November 2009 !! the story is that

Black boxes – EU wants one in every car

The European Union is drawing up plans for aircraft-style black box recorders to be fitted to all cars to help the police identify who is responsible for crashes. A £2.4m, three-year study commissioned by the European commission’s transport arm has recommended the mandatory installation of the boxes in all cars.

The EU response is:

Don’t bet your car on this! It’s wrong – there are no such proposals. The study quoted is a piece of research and the opinions in it represent the views of the consultants who carried it out.

Wind on a few years into the future to see:

Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) – Last update: 12/04/2019

Amongst many articles this one, published on 28 February 2019 by James Allen,

Speed Limiters and Black Boxes could soon be mandatory on all new cars

From the horse’s mouth

Commission welcomes agreement on new EU rules to help save lives

from the EU Parliament (Press Release) 26 March 2019:

Safer roads: EU lawmakers agree on life-saving technologies for new vehicles

and another press release 11 April 10 2019:

Safer roads: Life-saving technologies to be fitted in new vehicles

New cars, vans, trucks and buses will have to be equipped with safety features aiming to save lives, according to a new law to be voted on by MEPs on Tuesday (16 April 2019), already informally agreed with EU ministers. One of those compulsory features is the Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) system, which could reduce fatalities on EU roads by 20%, according to estimates. ISA will provide a driver with feedback, based on maps and road sign observation, when they exceed the speed limit. The system is not a speed limiter and the driver will be able to switch it off. Other life-saving systems to be introduced in new vehicles include advanced emergency breaking, advanced driver distraction warning, emergency lane keeping, reversing detection system, alcohol interlock installation facilitation, emergency stop signal and event data recorder(“black box”).

So where does the truth lie ?

In order that it cannot be accused of promoting its own fake news there is a disclaimer on the Euromyths blog

Please note that all statements in all entries were correct on the date of publication given. However, older archived posts are not systematically updated in the light of later developments, for example changes to EU law.

So that’s alright then !!