EU Elections – Results from the UK

In the UK, votes in the EU election were counted after the final polls finished in the remaining EU member countries. Results started coming in through Sunday night and Monday morning.

Voter turnout in the UK was 17,199,701 (36.7%) the second highest after 2004, when that figure was 38.52%

The undoubted success of the EU Elections was the election of 29 MEPS representing the Brexit Party as both the main parties suffered losses following a Brexit backlash.

The Brexit Party was launched in April 2019, and is led by Nigel Farage. It was formed to campaign for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU either with, or without an agreed deal with the EU and has rapidly gained support from both UKIP and Conservative party members


The Brexit Party won the biggest share of the available seats, gaining 29 MEPs.

The pro-Remain Liberal Democrats finished in second place with 16 MEPs (15 more than last time).

Labour came in 3rd place with 10 MEPs (losing 10) as voters seemed to split between the clear alternatives offered by the Brexit Party (Leave) and the Liberal Democrats (Remain).

The Green party finished in 4th place with 7 MEPs (gaining 4).

Conservatives finished in 5th place with only 4 MEPs receiving 9% of the vote in England and Wales.

The SNP gained 1 MEP to finish with 3 MEPs.

Biggest losers were UKIP who lost all their 24 MEPs

This map shows the parties which came top in council areas across the country. (This does not show the results for Northern Ireland which uses a different voting system to that used in the rest of the UK).


Party MEPs Gain/Loss Votes % Vote % Gain/Loss
Brexit Party 29 +29 5,248,533 31.6% +31.6%
Liberal Democrats 16 +15 3,367,284 20.3% +13.4%
Labour 10 -10 2,347,255 14.1% -11.3%
Green 7 +4 2,023,380 12.1% +4.2%
Conservative 4 -15 1,512,147 9.1% -14.8%
SNP 3 +1 594,553 3.6% +1.1%
Plaid Cymru 1 0 163,928 1.0% +0.3%
Sinn Féin (NI) 1 0 126,951 - -
Democratic Unionist Party (NI) 1 0 124,991 - -
Alliance Party (NI) 1 +1 105,928 - -
Change UK 0 0 571,846 3.4% +3.4%
UKIP 0 -24 554,463 3.3% -24.19%
Ulster Unionist Party 0 -1 53,052 - -
Others 0 0 405,390 1.6% -

Details of the results including information on all the parties in the UK taking part in the EU elections and results from across Europe can be found on the BBC website

UK’s European elections 2019 (BBC)

The Brexit Party did not only win in the UK but also became the largest single political party, from any EU member country, in the new EU Parliament. The next biggest political party is La Lega from Italy.

This is of no particular advantage to the Brexit Party – Because of the way MEPs organise themselves into political groups in the EU parliament they are soon swamped and forgotten (and ineffective) – Anyone know the name of their new MEP ?

(Useful data of the results is available from each region in local file copy