EU and the G20

To coincide with the recent G20 meeting held in Hamburg on the 7-8 July, the EU published a document to promote the European Union entitled, Facts and Figures about the European Union and the G20

Its interesting to note that this document includes the contribution of the UK to the EU in contrast to other occasions when the EU seems to prefer omitting the UK. Nonetheless, its useful to see a comparison of facts relating to the positioning of the combination of countries in the EU, in relation to the rest of the world. (In this particular case it would also be interesting to see how the numbers change when the UK is treated separately e.g. the population figures quoted for the EU will be reduced by approximately 13% after the UK leaves the EU).

The EU has a seat at the G20 because the combination of its member countries creates one of the largest economic areas in the world. 4 countries in the EU France, Germany, Italy and the UK have their own seats at meetings.

The EU declared its objectives for the meetings in an earlier letter from Jean-Claude Junker and Donald Tusk published on 3 July 2017.


Countries in the EU by population (2017)

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