EMA and EBA agencies Relocation

The two agencies currently based in the UK, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA), are to be relocated in the context of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision and safety monitoring of medicines in the EU. The EMA is essential for the functioning of the single market for medicines in the EU.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) works to ensure effective and consistent prudential regulation and supervision across the European banking sector. Among other tasks, the EBA assesses risks and vulnerabilities in the EU banking sector through regular risk assessment reports and EU-wide stress tests.

EU27 ministers voted on the relocation of the UK-based EU agencies in the margins of the General Affairs Council (Art. 50) meeting on 20 November 2017. The selected location of the EMA is Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the EBA is Paris, France.

Relocation of the UK-based EU agencies

European Medicines Agency to be relocated to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, (press release, 20/11/2017)

European Banking Authority to be relocated to Paris, France, (press release, 20/11/2017)