Brexit Negotiations – Round 5

The fifth round of talks between the UK and the EU started on Monday 9th October 2017 and is scheduled to finish on 12 October 2017.

Doesn’t seem to be anything different from previous rounds, so its hardly worth quoting the Agenda for the week of meetings. For some reason there are no details specified for Wed 10 October. Here’s the Agenda anyway

Monday, 9 October 2017
Technical working groups

Tuesday, 10 October 2017
Coordinators’ Session

Thursday, 28 September 2017
Principals’ meeting

Press briefing (to be confirmed)

There are three technical working groups covering citizens’ rights, financial settlement and other
separation issues. Horizontal issues, including governance, will be addressed by the Coordinators.
Additional technical working groups may be scheduled during the week.

David Davis and Michel Barnier didn’t meet this time on the first day of the talks.

When asked why the schedule for Wednesday had been left blank, the European commission’s spokesman said “the timetable was drawn up according to the availability of the British negotiating team“. A spokesperson for the Department for Exiting the EU said: “The talks this week were a mutually agreed programme designed to give both sides the best chance to make progress. We have always been clear that we are ready to negotiate at any time.

In my opinion, with the apparent reluctance of the EU negotiating team to make “any” concessions, or to extend negotiatins to cover further topis, it wouldn’t be a surprise if ongoing negotiations were cancelled at some point in the near future.