Brexit Negotiations 3 – Press Conference

The usual press conference was held at the end of the 3rd Round of Brexit Negotiations between the UK and the EU, which were held from the 28th to the 31st Aug 2017.

As far as has been made public, talks (as dictated by the EU) have again centered on the topics of citizens’ rights, financial matters, Northern Ireland and Ireland, and on separation issues.

It is unclear how much, or if any, progress has actually been made.

Michel Barnier picked up on the recent news story that revealed how around 100 EU citizens in the UK had mistakenly received deportation orders and used this to stress that Citizens rights should be enforced under the control of the European Court of Justice.

It also appears that the UK has questioned the legal position of obligations demanded by the EU regarding the future financial responsibilities of the UK when they are no longer a member of the EU.

Both statements also mentioned good discussions were held regarding Ireland and Northern Ireland on the questions of the Common Travel Area and safeguarding the Good Friday agreement.

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